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Place your company in the spotlight – with over 400 attendees and more than 80,000 followers across our social media channels. Targeted marketing opportunities allow you to raise awareness for your business and your contribution to innovation in farming.

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 Connect with one of the largest membership programs in the industry – with GLOBALG.A.P. certification active in over 130 countries. Our international reach ensures the representation of diverse perspectives, supporting you with insights from decision-makers worldwide.

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Showcase your expertise – with dedicated speaking slots for sponsors to enhance their reputation and authority as leaders in the field. The comprehensive agenda will span a wide range of topics, from assurance and labeling to technology and agriscience.

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Communicate with business partners old and new – onsite and all in one location. With attendees representing all areas of the global value chain, the event marks a unique opportunity for networking and lead generation in your sector.

Gain valuable market intelligence

Explore the latest developments, trends, and challenges – directly with those on the ground. Learn from producers and suppliers, retailers and brand owners, government agencies, certification bodies, NGOs, technology providers, and more.

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Strengthen your standing through positive publicity and brand association – positioning your company alongside industry innovators and ahead of your competitors. Demonstrate your alignment with the goal of safer and more sustainable farming worldwide.
We are supporting GLOBALG.A.P. and its SUMMIT 2024 with pride, as it drives and promotes sustainable agriculture, food safety, and the improvement of farmers’ livelihoods around the world. This work echoes perfectly the Eurofins Group’s mission to ‘contribute to a safer and healthier world’. The whole team is looking forward to meeting stakeholders from across the supply chain in Warsaw.
Fayçal Bellati
Director Continental Europe, Eurofins Food Assurance

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Private meeting room  ✓         
Logo branding on SUMMIT lanyards  ✓         
Opening speech slot  ✓         
Visual on SUMMIT website  ✓  ✓       
Pre-event promotional video reference  ✓  ✓       
Speaking slot  ✓  ✓       
Promotional video in between sessions  ✓  ✓  ✓     
Exhibition space in networking area     
Onsite ‘thank you’ banner on LED screens  ✓  ✓  ✓     
Logo branding at conference lunches  ✓  ✓  ✓  ✓   
Logo branding at conference coffee breaks  ✓  ✓  ✓  ✓   
Logo branding in SUMMIT publications  ✓  ✓  ✓  ✓  ✓ 
Logo branding on main stage  ✓  ✓  ✓  ✓  ✓ 
Logo branding in SUMMIT mobile app  ✓  ✓  ✓  ✓  ✓ 
Free SUMMIT tickets  10 

Additional packages

Evening Event​
10 September 2024
Open to all SUMMIT attendees​
Evening Event Cocktails​
10 September 2024​
Open to all SUMMIT attendees​
Member Reception
​9 September 2024
​GLOBALG.A.P. Community Members​
Exclusive VIP area at Evening Event location​ ✓​ ✓​
Logo branding at selected event location ✓​ ✓​ ✓​
SUMMIT publications logo branding​ ✓​ ✓​ ✓​
Onsite ‘thank you’ banner on LED screens in networking areas​ ✓​ ✓​ ✓​
SUMMIT main stage logo branding​ ✓​ ✓​ ✓​
Free SUMMIT tickets​ 3​ 3​ 3​

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