Join us to discuss the latest developments in food safety and sustainability, as well as the future of the industry.
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Shaping the future of farming together

The three-day event promises an engaging program that will cover a wide spectrum of developments, trends, and challenges facing farming and supply chains in the agriculture, aquaculture, and floriculture sectors.

Please note that the event language is English.

9 September

Member Reception (GLOBALG.A.P. Community Members only)

10 September


Smart Farm Assurance: Exploring the New Era of Robust, Streamlined, and Future-Fit Solutions From Farm to Shelf

08:30 Welcome to the GLOBALG.A.P. SUMMIT 2024
08:45 Welcome Address
09:00 GLOBALG.A.P. Update
09:20 Plenary Farm-level Enablers: Increasing Productivity While Managing Evolving Sustainability Challenges
09:45 Panel discussion Gaps in G.A.P.s
10:30 Break
11:30 Breakout 1.1 Verification in Aquaculture Value Chains: Connecting Actors from Farm to Consumer (Part 1)
11:30 Breakout 1.2 The Future of Auditing: Innovations in the Certification Process
11:30 Breakout 1.3 Workers’ Well-Being: A Holistic Approach to Social Responsibility
11:30 Breakout 1.4 The Path to Sustainability: Solutions for Responsible Agriculture
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Breakout 2.1 Forward-Thinking Floriculture: Targeted Solutions for Global Producers
14:00 Breakout 2.2 Value of Certification: Beyond Buyer Requirements
14:00 Breakout 2.3 Smallholder View on Compliance: Opportunities and Challenges
14:00 Breakout 2.4 Verification in Aquaculture Value Chains: Connecting Actors from Farm to Consumer (Part 2)
15:00 Break
16:00 Plenary Shaping the Future of Farming Together: Perspectives on Evolving Solutions, Emerging Technologies, and the Value of Certification

11 September


Legislative Landscapes: Unpacking Legal Frameworks, Green Claims, Supply Chain Regulations, and Labeling in Farming Operations 

08:30 Welcome to the GLOBALG.A.P. SUMMIT 2024
08:45 Plenary Communicating Impact: Legal Perspectives on Green Claims
09:15 Panel discussion The Outlook for Green Claims: Navigating the Sustainability Conversation
10:00 Break
10:30 Breakout 1.1 Validation of Claims: Supporting Compliance in Supply Chains
10:30 Breakout 1.2 Supply Chain Legislation: Unpacking Social and Environmental Sustainability Requirements
10:30 Breakout 1.3 Consumer Expectations: Claims and Credibility in the Supply Chain
10:30 Breakout 1.4 Empowering Producers: Platforms for Knowledge Transfer
11:30 Break
12:00 Plenary Shaping the Future of Farming Together: Conclusions on Green Claims and Evolving Supply Chain Legislation
12:30 Lunch

Final session announcement coming soon!


The Future of Farming: Applying Agriscience and Innovation in the Advancement of Safer and More Sustainable Production Practices

  • Plenary, networking breaks, demonstrations

12 September

Farm/Retail visits (open to all attendees)


Katie Gallus

The GLOBALG.A.P. SUMMIT 2024 agenda will be expertly moderated by journalist and international development specialist Katie Gallus. With a background in research and public broadcasting, she is a sought-after presenter on the topics of agriculture, climate change, and world food security.

We are delighted to bring her extensive experience in moderating international conferences (G7, United Nations, European Union, federal ministries of Germany, NGOs, and more) to the SUMMIT.

Speaker announcements coming soon!

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